The school provides the highest quality education and an excellent infrastructure. A great blend of outdoor and indoor resources helps to ensure that children learn and develop to the best of their individual abilities. Each and every child is encouraged to nurture his/her hidden talents and capabilities through the provision of Smart Classes, Excursions and Other Indoor-Outdoor activities.


Classrooms are spacious and well- ventilated. The number of students in each class is restricted, so that the teacher can give individual attention to each student. The classes in the primary wing are designed to suit the special needs of the little ones.

Smart Classes

Our approach is student centered, which goes beyond text books, class rooms and boundaries. Introduction to Smart classes has not only improved the learning environment but has also helped in building an unmatched strong foundation. Students develop practical skills, enabling them to apply their learning to unfamiliar situations and think critically about different issues.

We have smart classes with live multimedia presentations to facilitate deeper understanding of concepts. Smart classes have smart boards, which helps the students to learn in an interactive manner. It is used extensively as a teaching aid to enhance the lesson plans in the class rooms and has proved to be an effective means to deliver a lesson and assignments to reinforce the concepts. Our teachers are also well trained in activity based teaching and learning method.


The school provides a firsthand experience in all the practical subjects. All the labs in the school are well-equipped with latest apparatus, techniques and instruments. Students have access to the following laboratories in the school: Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Biology Lab and Computer Lab. The school also has a well - Furnished Audio-Visual Set-Up. It serves as a valuable educational aid and the multimedia facility acts as a catalyst in not only creating interest but also in increasing the understanding of the concepts. The audio- visual facilities such as Overhead Projector, sound system and Video projector make the learning more effective and interesting.


The school has its own team of doctors and nurses to look after the health of all children regularly and necessary medical aid is provided in case of illness. Cases of serious illness are referred to hospitals or nursing homes in the vicinity. Students are made to learn about different diseases and basic first aid. We also emphasize on stress management through yoga and meditation.


The school has a fleet of buses run by the experienced drivers and conductors. The smooth plying of buses is the responsibility of the bus supervisor. Every bus has an attendant and at least two teachers, who are responsible for the discipline of the respective buses.

School Library

The in-house library with over 5000 books on various subjects caters to interest of the students on different subjects. The collection of the books ranges from pedagogic to philosophy. The library also subscribes selected weekly and monthly magazines, journals and newsletters apart from daily newspapers.

Sports & Games

Sports are an integral part of our overall curriculum at Daisy Dales School. Hence, the school provides all the basic facilities for the development of a positive sports environment. Children are encouraged to participate in all the indoor and outdoor sports to promote good mental and physical health. Sports facilities include table tennis, karate and basket ball coaching. The students participate in national level sports competitions at every given opportunity.


The school has a medium sized amphitheatre in the basement with a capacity of about 150 students at a time. The room is steeply graded for maximum viewing and the sightlines are excellent from anywhere in the room. This space is used to hold inter-house competitions, plays and workshops and seminars from time to time.