Beyond The Classroom

Music Dance & Theatre

The school puts emphasis on music, dance and theatre to help the students to express their special talents. These activities help the students gain confidence, self-respect and nurture their interest in different art forms.

Each child is encouraged to take part in at least one activity at the Annual Cultural event to develop his/ her confidence on stage.
Every year our students participate in inter-school cultural meets and bring laurels to the school.


Eco Club

The school has various clubs like Eco club, Literary Club and Science Club to help nurture different facets of a child's personality.

Environmental education refers to the organized efforts to teach how our natural environment functions and particularly how human beings can manage their behavior and eco-systems in order to live sustainably.

The Eco-Club of the school focuses on:

  1. Creating awareness and sensitivity about the environment and environmental challenges.
  2. Knowledge and understanding about environment and environmental challenges.
  3. Take initiative to keep the surroundings of the school clean.
  4. Organize tree-plantation programs inside and outside the school premises.

Literary Club

Personality development is a central issue of holistic education. The students are taught to express themselves clearly, confidently and with conviction in various situations.

Opportunities for creative writing and taking part in debates, recitation and declamation are given to the students to improve the command over their tongue. Students are also sent to represent the school in various inter-school competitions.

Science Club

Science club is a great opportunity for little scientific geeks to explore various aspects of science they experience in the classrooms.
Our science club activities are designed to challenge the gifted learners as well as to motivate and arouse interest of the struggling learners.
Participating in the science club also increases the opportunity to develop and practice better thinking, speaking and listening skills. It also helps the learners to develop problem solving ability skills.