Education is a life-long journey and the foundation of this journey should be strong. In our pre-school curriculum, the toddlers are given immense freedom to explore their world through various methods. They learn to analyze, question and get a solution to their queries. The concepts are taught through play-way methods, through origami,
clay-modeling, paper cutting, puppet-making, story-telling and dramatization. To give children the basic foundation of language and vocabulary, phonetics are taught from an early age.

Our middle school curriculum is value-based; it helps the child to evolve from a bud to a flower. Each and every child is given ample opportunities to explore and to clear his/ her doubts. Thus, the teachers instill the value of self-confidence in children and prepare them for future challenges.

A team of highly qualified and experienced staff member is engaged to provide guidance to our children. The school has a continuously evolving faculty of empowered young minds and staff who work by creating synergy through mutual exchange of ideas and thoughts:

Daisy Dales Team Aims:

  1. To create empowered global citizens, who think creatively and laterally; citizens, who think beyond the regular; and citizens, who are self-motivated and self directed.
  2. To create a safe and supportive environment that involves each student in a wide range of learning experiences.
  3. To create a new benchmark in the field of value-based education that blends modern outlook with a rich value system.

Our teachers relentlessly work to direct each child according to their areas of interest so that they excel in their chosen academic and co-curricular pursuits. We aim to provide the children with best possible teaching experiences and a suitable environment by providing the quality education. Smart classes help our students understand and grasp concepts quickly and efficiently.