• Admission Details

    We make the admission procedure as smooth as possible for our parents.
    We ensure that there is good communication between the teachers and parents to help with the transition.

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  • Career Development

    Choosing the right career path is of extreme importance and our panel of experts will help your child make the right decision at the right time.

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  • One On One Counselling

    We believe that any problem can be solved with a good talk. Our counselors are highly motivated and dedicated individuals who love to hold chat sessions with students and focus on the ongoing issues.

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  • Special Education

    Following the directions of the CBSE and the DOE, we have a special educator who is available in the school to provide special attention with extra classes to students who need to be looked after a little more than others.

Welcome to Daisy Dales Senior Secondary School

The school provides the highest quality education and an excellent infrastructure. A great blend of outdoor and indoor resources helps to ensure that children learn and develop to the best of their individual abilities. Each and every child is encouraged to nurture his/her hidden talents and capabilities through the provision of Smart Classes, Excursions and Other Indoor-Outdoor activities.

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Message from the Principal

Our motto “Duty Dedication Sincerity” is at the crux of everything that happens at our institution. Apart from imparting knowledge in a traditional and digital fashion, we also try and imbibe the blissful values of compassion, empathy, and tolerance. Respect for education and discipline in life form the foundation of the core values we are aiming to impart through our school.

Mrs. Dali Mandal